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build from scratch in 6 weeks!

This 1:1 program is for solopreneur woman who want to add a paid mastermind groups to their offer so they can work less, fully support clients and increase income!



You teach or support your clients, and you really want them to obtain the best possible results.


You have experience participating in a mastermind group. You know how powerful this work is and now you want to give such opportunity to your clients.


You’ve realized that the knowledge combined with 1:1 session is often not enough. You want to support your clients even better.


You have an engaged community e.g. Instagram, FB group, blog, YouTube channel, or you have another way of engaging people and staying in touch with those who are interested in what you do.


You want to level up your business and increase your earnings, but you are wondering how to do it without piling up tasks and adding extra work to your already busy schedule. Work-life balance and slow business are your vibes.

The Power!

create your first


As you probably already know paid mastermind group is a very powerful tool and a perfect product to add to your offer. But because you don’t have experience in organising and hosting such groups you don’t know where to begin and it all sounds a little bit overwhelming and difficult. I get it! I am here to help you.

You might have lot’s of questions like:

How do I design the offer for my first group?

Should I share my knowledge, and how to do it?

Do I need a set agenda of meetings?
Should I impose a work schedule?
How do I quote my mastermind?
How do I know in advance if the person fits the group?
Will I be able to manage to run such meetings, control the time and support the participants?
What should I do to make sure the participants got what they wanted and what I promised them?
Is it really possible to work less and earn more…?

I know you are looking for the answers which are clear and fit your situation. With proper tools, knowledge and guidance, you can create your first successful paid mastermind group in only 6 weeks!
Let me show you how to do it!

Hey Girl!


Hey, I am Olga – an online business coach, effective mastermind group mentor and facilitator. I am working with solopreneur women who run a service-based online businesses.

I have been hosting and teaching masterminds since 2016. I have hosted over 200 group meetings, and run hundreds of individual business and mentoring sessions with my clients.

I believe that every woman is capable of achieving her goals and making dreams come true. This is why I match my work experience, knowledge and strategic talents with effective tools to create programs and courses that truly work.


Girls talk

„I had very high expectations entering Olga’s program. I needed precise answers, tools and techniques, but I also wanted a personal approach adapted to MY needs. I got that in 100% and since then, Masterminds are a staple to my Product-mix.

If you want to run Masterminds like a „PRO” this program will be the best investment. 

Justyna Simmons
Business Coach & Founder „Your Friend in Paris”

„Thanks to the program I ordered my thinking about the business I run and I looked at weak points.

I have a ready to implement plan, I know exactly where to start creating masterminds. My mindset has changed a lot. The program exceeded my expectations”!

Kinga Rak
Twarda Oprawa

what you will get


You will receive a full package of must-have materials, tools and practical tasks to equip you with everything you need while creating your fist paid mastermind

My know-how!


Workbook and homeworks

Templates of documents like forms, surveys, contracts, files for a group host


I will be right by your side along the way through this 6-week program. We will start with a 90-min strategic session, and continue with a 5 x 30-min mentoring sessions in the following weeks.


Additional 4-weeks email support from me (free of charge) after completing the program to make sure everything is settling in smoothly



You will be able to practice your skills as a host by running a real-time mastermind group in one of my own groups. This is an amazing opportunity to build your confidence and get experience!


You will receive feedback from mastermind participants and a recorded video from this meeting so you can check yourself in action and learn from it too!



I simplified the process of creating paid mastermind groups to 5 steps. I will lead you through them with my close support, not only by sharing the knowledge you need, but also by giving you the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience before you sell and run your first group.

Week 1



You will fill out a form which will prepare us both for the 90 minutes strategic session. During the session, we will set your goals and plan your marketing strategy.

I will also help you to plan your work in detail and we will decide on your individual support system for the time of the program.

Week 2



You will decide on how your first paid group will look like.

You will receive materials which will lead you through the process of designing a group.

We will also meet on a one-on-one 30 minutes session to support you in making all the decisions.

Week 3–4



You’ll be preparing an optimal offer for your clients, and presenting it on a landing page. We will analyse the content you created and you will receive some hands-on tips on how to prepare technically to the sales process.

If you create your landing page on your own, you will also receive some support in planning the layout and design.

Week 5–6



You will start implementing your marketing strategy and recruiting participants to your own paid mastermind group.

Simultaneously, we will focus on preparing you for the role of the MM host. You will get materials, tools and documents which will support you and tips and answers to your questions during 1:1 sessions.

You will also have a chance to host a real mastermind group!


your investment

Before you join this program it is required to have a free 30-min discover call with me to make sure this program is the best option for you.







  • 90 min strategic session
  • 5 x 30 min mentoring sessions
  • Email summarizing each meeting
  • Goals and homework assignments each week
  • Templates of files and documents
  • Practical experience
  • 4-weeks of post-program support 






/ 3 payments

Instalment plan details:

3 x payments for $770

  • 1st payment when joining the program
  • 2nd payment after 4 weeks
  • 3rd payment after 8 weeks

Payments available by PayPal or credit card

Girls talk



I can’t describe it in words, I got so much from Olga’s program. It was an amazing experience. I felt the strength and energy of the mastermind group. I would like this experience to continue„.

Daria Sanetra

I can’t describe it in words, I got so much from Olga’s program. It was an amazing experience. I felt the strength and energy of the mastermind group. I would like this experience to continue„.

Daria Sanetra

Still thinking if this is for you?


If you are not sure whether mastermind groups are suited for your business or you want to check, if we are the right fit, please book a 30-min free call with me. I can’t wait to meet you!

Please note there is a quick survey to fill out before we will meet. You’ll get the link to it right after we schedule the meeting.


Still looking for some answers?

Please check some answers to most common questions below. If you haven’t found what you were looking for you can always write to me at: and I will for sure get back to you within 48 hours.


How advanced my business should be so I could take part in this program

You can participate in the program only if you have been through a 30-minutes free one-on-one session with me. Thus I will be able to verify if the level of your business and your experience in masterminds are suitable so we can make the most of our work.

It is possible to run a profitable mastermind group regardless of how advanced your business is. Even those who are only just starting out can create such a product/service for their clients.

However, mastermind groups might not be the best option for you, if you still haven’t started with your business, you’re in the process of designing or planning your business, or you don’t have any community at all.

Let’s meet and figure out together if this program is suited for you 🙂

WHEN WILL WE HAVE THE MEETINGS during this program?
The dates for our individual meetings are all adjusted to your needs and my possibilities. My typical working day takes place Mon – Fri between 10 am and 3 pm BST/ GMT, so please take this into account.

The best solution is to choose a regular day and time of our meetings, so it’s good if you think over you availability prior to our 1:1 consulting session so we could check if we are able to match our schedules.


To take part in our live sessions, you will need a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet with the Zoom software installed, and a working microphone and camera.

You don’t have to pay for Zoom and you don’t have to register anywhere. You also don’t need any other software or hardware.


After you fill out the form and going through the free consulting session, I will send you the payment link – you will be able to pay via PayPal or credit card.

You will receive an invoice for your participation in the program, however, as I run my business in the UK, you will need to pay the value-added tax for your country (VAT reverse charge). If you are a VAT payer, you will be able to deduct it later on to your costs.

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